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 Rules of Guild Wars/Death Matches

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PostSubject: Rules of Guild Wars/Death Matches   Tue Oct 14, 2008 8:35 am

Due to the fact everyone wants these I am going to get the few rules up so we are not dubbed spawn killers in our little games of death and destruction from the guild Legends.

  1. The lodelight is the spawn area, buff area, there will be no killing. [All areas apply - Saint Morning near bank, Darkon near bank, Flaris near siege area]
  2. ALL Guild Wars/Death Matches are held in server 4 so go there.
  3. Do not talk bad about the other guild [owning them or not it is rude, if they start it ignore them Legends is better than that]
  4. Stand your ground even till the end but make sure they pay when you are back up Wink
  5. Most important rule of them all HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Okay last rule, there are some guilds that dislike outside healing, buffing is fine as long as the character stays in the no killing area but we must respect this when it comes that, we do not go against their wish.

Legends will be known again one way or the other, but doing some things will get us hated. So just have fun, own all you can and just enjoy yourself.

[ Note: If anyone in the other guild goes against the code and spawn kills tell someone and we will deal with them, don't handle it yourself that will cause problems, okay if you want to handle it yourself stay calm, do not kill them if they continue tell their guild leader, if the guild lead does nothing tell one of the higher ups on, we will deal with it accordingly. Trust me.]

~ [Kingpin] Acazia
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Rules of Guild Wars/Death Matches
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