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 How about a DM with Saphir?

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PostSubject: How about a DM with Saphir?   Tue Mar 10, 2009 3:44 am

So hai ya 'all. I thought this might be the best way to talk to you guys.

I've been thinking that Saphir and Legends should do a DM.

We usually have our Dm'es at saturday, roughly around 9 pm gmt +1.

So far for this week end we are pretty much satisfied. But the week after, or at the week end, we are free.
Means we could make up a DM if you guys want.

Our rules are the same like yours and we DM in Saint morning, using the whole town , expect the flower circle ofcourse as Battle Zone and my

members, i guess you should know a bit, and i guess it would be fair. ( if not we can always just make fights between a selected amout of people no matter on wich side)

Incase it would work up fine i wouldn't mind even weekly DM'es

If you are interested just suggest me a time and if you are fine with the things i told, then lets do it Smile

Guess i'll check back here, or just pm me ingame aswell, on my Bp xXHolyRinoaXx or my Blade hellblazer1.

And for the end i might just say: ' An... here.. we .. GO '

Cheers, Holy~
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PostSubject: Re: How about a DM with Saphir?   Tue Mar 10, 2009 3:49 am

Yeah I think that would be great to set a weekly DM, so we can be sure to have are least 1 DM per week.

I'll PM you on the gpotato forums so we can set up the details.

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How about a DM with Saphir?
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